1.Where can I buy Watching Man?

Through our dealers and online shop . Contact us for more information.

2.I have a Basic Watching Man and I would like to have the full version, do I have to pay for a new device?

No, you only have to buy the sensors module to complete your device.

3.I have installed Watching Man on my boat, what do I do now?

In the box of your Watching Man device, you will find a card with a username and password. Access the login area on this site and register your device. Once registered, you can start using Watching Man in this website and /or downloading the app for iOS or Android.

4.How I can make sure the device is on and working?

From the web or mobile app you can check the date and time of the last transmission on the top of the map. If the date is in red or the “outdated” message appears, probably the device is off or has no coverage. If the problem continues, please contact us here.

5.If I make a route with the boat, how often the GPS positions are updated on the map?

Approximately every 10 minutes as long as the device has coverage.

6.I plan to sail in different countries. How do I know in which ones I will have coverage?

Watching Man has coverage in most of Europe. To learn more, visit the PRODUCT section. If you are visiting a country outside the EU, you can request coverage information here.

7.Why am I not receiving alerts on my mobile device?

– Make sure you have installed the mobile app and logged in with your Watching Man username and password.
– If you have recently changed your password, make sure to log off of Watching Man in all devices (web and mobile) and log back on with the new password.
– Make sure the phone is on and with mobile coverage.
– Check the date of the last transmission on the top of the map. If it is not there, check the chapter “Communication failure with Watching Man” in the User Manual.

If the problem continues, please contact us here.

8.I got a message reporting that the device is not receiving messages. What should I do?

The chapter “Watching Man Communication Failure” of the User Manual explains how to fix it. If the problem continues, please contact us here.

9.The intruders alert went off for no reason.

Avoid the direct sunlight, sources of intense heat or air flows over the sensor. Also avoid large objects interfering with the field of view of the sensor.

10.The position alert went off when I started sailing.

Remember to turn off the position alert when sailing starts. When you anchor the boat, don’t forget to re- activate it.

11.What does the warranty of Watching Man cover?

The warranty covers factory defective parts and labour costs in our factory. You can check the warranty specifications here.

12.What is the warranty period for Watching Man?

In case of failure or malfunction, Watching Man has a statutory warranty of 24 months from the date of sale (only with proof of purchase).

13.What if my Watching Man doesn’t work?

If after checking the common problems in the manual the problem persists, click here and we’ll help you.

14.Does my Watching Man require any maintenance?

No, but we recommend you to verify that all alerts work correctly at least once a year.

15.How can I change the holder of Watching Man?

Contact here with your personal details.

16.What should I do if I lose my Watching Man password or username?

Contact us here and we will give you a new username or password.

17.I have a question not listed here.

Please contact us here.